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TPE/TPEE color Masterbatch
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TPE/TPEE color Masterbatch

product manual
1, TPE/TPEE color  masterbatch Description:
The series is based on a specific masterbatch carrier resin with a high concentration of a colorant compound, by high-speed mixing, twin screw extruding kneading processing. Suitable for coloring TPE/TPEE resins are widely used in processing areas extrusion, injection molding, casting, blown film, blow molding and film and other plastic products.

2, TPE/TPEE Color masterbatch main technical indicators:
Appearance: color, uniform size, cylindrical, round or flat round particles;
Dispersion: color less, streaks
Heat resistance: 200-300 ℃
Migration resistance: ≥4 level
Light resistance: 4-8 grade
3, TPE/TPEE masterbatch use ratio and methods:
The master batch and raw material resin ratio of 1: 10-50 (based on the specific requirements of the product may be) by mixing (after drying if necessary) can be used.
4, the use of TPE/TPEE color masterbatch advantage
1, to ensure that the pigment dispersion to achieve the desired effect, and to achieve the stability of different batches of colored products, color;
2, to maintain the chemical stability of pigments and other additives, the plastic material to reduce heat degradation;
3, easy to operate, clean environment, significantly reduce labor intensity, easy to implement automation of plastics processing.

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